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Sushi Pop

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Visited on July 16, 2021
the Place

Sushi Pop is right off Winter Park's beautiful Park Ave and is a local gem. They have a comprehensive menu, which extends to their Happy Hour offerings as well. With a modern vibe inside, they provide seating at the bar, dining room or at the sushi bar, where you can see their chefs make your food right before your eyes.

the Happy Hour

Happy Hour was great. Service was exceptional with food and drinks arriving at the table very quickly! All the sushi items tasted fresh and the drinks hit the spot as well. Definitely one of the most diverse Happy Hours out there. There are plenty of drink and food options – maki, hand rolls, sashimi, cold and hot plates, and ever dessert! Drinks include select cocktails, well drinks, wine, and beer. It's definitely a Happy Hour-goer's dream!

Sushi Pop
Salmon Handroll & Spicy Salmon Roll

With just the right amount of rice and salmon, this hand roll is easily one of the best ones I have ever had in a long time. Definitely a no-brainer order. Salmon roll was delicious as well. Fish tasted very fresh and the sesame seeds added a nice touch as well.


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Sushi Pop
Hot Chicken Bao

Bao buns are probably my favorite food group and Sushi Pop did not disappoint with theirs. The chicken is fried tempura-style, which gives it a nice crunch but at the same time maintains a texture that just melts in your mouth. The bao bun itself was extremely soft and done to perfection. Although it's named "Hot Chicken Bao", the spiciness level is just perfect to add a smooth kick to every bite.


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Sushi Pop

I personally love shiitake and although I had never heard of shiitake bacon before, I knew I needed to order this dish. The pairing of this mushroom with the seared tuna was to die for. The flavor jumps at you without being too out there. It's a perfect combinations and one that I will be getting every time.


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Sushi Pop
Daily Vitamin / Naked and Afraid

Daily Vitamin: Very well balanced cocktail. Love the green-tea infused vodka, lemon and St. Germain. It looks and certainly tastes like a variation of French 75. Very bright and summery, it's difficult to go wrong with this cocktail.

Naked and Afraid: This Paloma variation with Aperol and lime takes the drink into a more bitter yet still quite enjoyable route.

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